Chichakli in Miami jail awaiting transfer to Fla. federal prison

Convicted Viktor Bout associate Richard Chichakli has been transferred from a federal detention center in New York to a similar facility in Miami, where he is awaiting a final move to a federal prison in Mariana, Fla.

Chichakli, who is still trying to appeal his 2013 federal conviction on money laundering, conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy charges, faces a five year term in the medium security prison at Mariana, in northern Florida. U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III sentenced Chichakli in New York last December.

In a letter sent in February to the clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeal for the D.C. Circuit, Chichakli said he had been moved early that month to a “small county jail in Oklahoma.” Chichakli complained┬áthat “I am denied all access to legal mail, mail and e-mail.”

He said he had no control over any delays in responding to court orders and added that he “expected to be transferred to a federal prison in Mariana,” where he expected to regain “access to my legal paper.”

But a month later, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prison’s website, Chichakli is being held at the federal detention center in Miami.

Chichakli was convicted in December 2013 by a federal jury in New York for conspiring with Bout to evade Treasury sanctions against them by trying to buy cargo planes from American companies. He was also found guilty of money laundering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy and several counts of wire fraud after a four-week trial.